A Sweet Beginning





I happened upon this place when I was doing a search for a client for a commercial property in the Route 29 corridor in American Canyon, CA. I’ll tell you, Marshall’s Farms is to honey what Elvis is to rock ‘n’ roll.

They produce over 20 varieties of honey. If the many I didn’t try are half as good as the many I did, you can’t go wrong.

Carlos helped me sort through the variety of choices. I tried the Wild Blackberry, Fairmont, CIA, Domaine Chandon, Orange Blossom, Infused Lavender, and Star Thistle. Marshall’s Farms maintains the hives and supplies the honey for the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in St. Helena, and Domaine Chandon in Yountville, so if you have had honey at any of these places, you are already familiar with at least part of what they produce. My personal favorite is the Star Thistle. You can get any of these honeys in a variety of jar sizes from sampler-size to very, very large.

Eating local honey is also a great way to overcome or reduce pollen-based allergies. They sell pollen, honeycomb, and wax.

Marshall’s Farms has a gift store, an education building, and a tasting center. You can take a tour of the facility, see the hives, learn about beekeeping and honey-making, and about organic gardening as well.

Their high season is between April and October. Honey is stored food for the bees, which they make from flowers and blossoms. When plants and trees aren’t flowering or blossoming — in the winter — the bees tap into their honey reserves. Their reserves are at their lowest in the late winter and early spring right before the blossoms start again. So the bees don’t start making their honey until springtime.

If you’re stocking your pantry, looking for a host or other gift, or want to know about beekeeping, honey-making, or organic gardening, this is an excellent place to check out. It’s on Route 29 between the Route 12 West (toward Napa) and American Canyon Road exits off Route 80, at 159 Lombard Road in American Canyon, so you can hop off on one and hop right back on the other.

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